Friday, 21 September 2012


It's here! At last! It's been over 8 months in the making and now the latest issue of the oddly named Doctor Who Fanzine "FANWNAK" is now available. FANWNAK Issue 6 is a huge A4 full colour fanzine, which makes it our biggest and most colourful issue ever!

Are the right episodes lost?, Amy & Rory and Ian & Barbara, A love letter to Character Options, Watching Doctor Who, Nick Pope Interview, Sci-Fi Worlds, The TARDIS is a Television Set, Cereal Killer, We’ve got it Licked, Do you remember the first time?, Series 6 Review, Regeneration, Torchwood - Miracle Day, Looking for a Chicken Dinner, Love at first sight, Terror of the Vervoids and the obligatory much much more...

Andy X Cable
Andy is is delighted to share with us his DVD review.

Ben Chatham
Love him or hate him, read from selected classic and brand new adventures of the Doctor Who companion who may just make it to the screen. One day.

Shameless Reprints 
Selected articles (updated) from the much requested defunct BANDRIL and TOMTIT Fanzines.

Shocking News
Behind the scenes news on Matt Smith's departure from Doctor Who

Convention Report 
Who at Hoylake

Comic Strips
Let’s Regenerate - Part One - (12 pages)
The Aztecs - (5 pages)
The Keys of Marinus - (5 pages)
The Adventures of Matt & Karen - (1 page)
All your planet are belong to us - 6 pages)
Terrynation Street - (1 page)

Stephen Muppet
Stephen has taken time from his busy Doctor Who / Sherlock / Twitter / Bebo / Myspace / Friends Reunited / Foursquare / Google+ / hi5 / LinkedIn / Orkut treadmill to write new fan fiction exclusively available to FANWNAK.

Your feedback and views on the world of Doctor Who. Don't get to excited though as more than likely they are all made up again.

Online Edition
The online edition differs now from the printed one as it has a reduced page count of 7 pages which have not been replaced. Please accept my apologies for this. The comic strip Top of the Ponds was originally a tribute to Jimmy Savile just after his death and was originally printed in 2011 in BANDRIL Issue 1. It was re-printed in FANWNAK 6 before the news broke about his disgusting past. Therefore the story has been removed.

Peace and Love
Adric (Ed.)

FANWNAK is a not for profit Doctor Who Fanzine. Doctor Who is BBC copyright etc. and no infringement on this is intended. Oh, and this fanzine is not for kids either.

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